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Month: November 2019


What is an equivalent output?

At Interglo, we specialise in the value management of project lighting packages. I discussed our approach to this in my previous article “Finding the sweet spot in lighting”.  While we see “or approved equivalent” as an opportunity, we also take it as a responsibility to make sure we do our research to ensure the products we propose are truly an equivalent product. In this article, I want to specifically look at the term “output”. "What output", or what “brightness” are questions we get asked often. Unfortunately, in the age of LED Lighting this is not always a simple answer. Historically,…

Finding the sweet spot in lighting

The lighting package is a significant capital investment in any building project, regardless of whether it is Commercial, Industrial, Retail or Hospitality. There are a number of conflicting considerations in putting together a lighting package, and these can differ significantly as a project progresses from the initial documentation stages, through to the construction and commissioning stage. Central to findinding the sweet spot in lighting, is the concept of maximising value. As lighting designers, we would all like to use the best fitting for a given application, but in many cases, the fitting that represents the best value is what will…
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R-IF-fing on Kipling

I first found this poem in the Other Mens Flowers anthology. I believe that Kipling wrote it as advice to his son on how he should live his life. I really like the way the poem is structured. The way it suggests a virtue, and then the scenario that will require that virtue. ie. take a panadol…if you have a headache. I have wanted to write about this poem for some time, to really beak it down to see why it resonates with me so strongly. I have presented the poem in its entirety at the end of this post…