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Not my first dance

While moving from where I am now in terms of fitness to finishing an Ironman Triathlon seems a long stretch, this is not my first time doing this. It is not the first time I have been this fat and unfit (I have been worse), and it is not the first time I have set fitness goals and achieved them. 

When I got married in 2001, I weighed around 146kg. I knew I needed to do something about it, so set a goal of running the Melbourne marathon. I did this in 2003, completing the race in 4hrs 31 minutes. I was 92kg when I did the marathon, which is still far to heavy to be doing that to myself. I suspect this is why I had such a bad race. Four weeks prior, I ran a half marathon in 1hr 41 mins which pointed towards a marathon time of well under 4 hours. But I never really recovered, and was quite sure with a few niggles going into the race.

Showing lots of “guts” on the golf course, early 2000’s
Late 1990’s
Me on the left circa 2000

After the marathon, I steadily put more weight on, up to 114kg. It was then that I decided to work towards firstly a half Ironman, then an Ironman. This was progressing well, and I was finalising my preparation for the Yepoon half ironman in 2005 when my son was born very premature and we decided to move from the Whitsundays, and to Melbourne. I stopped training at that time, and it was some time before I was active again. At that time, I weighed 78kg, which I felt was about right for me to be doing that type of racing.

Half the man I used to be….mid 2005

I steadily put more weight on after returning to Melbourne, and 2 years after that, weighed 148kg, the heaviest yet. Since then, I have bounced around between 135kg and 110kg, getting motivated for a while, then stopping making any effort. I started trying various experiments with my diet, plant based, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, all of which made some difference, but I struggled with long term adherence. Exercise wise, I did a bit of cycling (riding to work), started running a couple of times (until foot problems made me realise it was stupid to run at that weight), and spent a couple of years doing Crossfit. This was quite enjoyable, as it allowed me to focus on getting strong, rather than losing weight. But I ended up with a multitude of injuries and became sedentary once again.

Which brings me to now. 136kg, and dreaming of the Ironman.

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